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Information for learners and instructors

What materials can I find on the Data Management Skillbuilding Hub page?

You will find a series of resource to help users to better manage their data. Each resource is focused on one or more stages of the data life cycle and is comprised of educational materials, such as slides with presenter notes, explanation sheets, and hands-on exercises. These materials are flexible and can be adapted for use in a range of contexts, including personal education, classroom settings, and data management workshops.

How did you decide what information to include in the Data Management Skillbuilding Hub?

The education resources were initially developed in 2011-2012 by the DataONE Community Engagement and Outreach Working Group and published online at In 2015-2016 the modules underwent peer-review and substantial revision. They were later moved to an open git repository (GitHub) to increase community engagement around the materials, and also to build interest in shared maintenance and ongoing sustainability. The decisions and process are described more fully in the publication Using Peer Review to Support Development of Community Resources for Research Data Management.

Are these materials the same as the DataONE Education Modules and Best Practices?

Yes, and perhaps no. The resources on the Data Management Skillbuilding Hub were sourced from the DataONE Education Modules and Best Practices. To enable modules to be formatted as an HTML slide, minor layout changes needed to be made. Further, as a community resource we encourage contributed changes that will enhance these resources. As such, the original DataONE modules and best practices will be more ‘up-to-date’ and inclusive of community input than the originals. We will periodically incorporate the changes made here back into the powerpoint Education Modules and Best Practices on the DataONE website. You can learn more about contributing here.

How do I access and view the materials associated with each topic?

Each suite of materials can be accessed by clicking on its associated tile on the Data Management Skillbuilding Hub Home page. Please note that your browser needs to allow Javascript; additionally Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers should be up-to-date for better functionality.

Can I add, edit or modify content within the Data Management Skillbuilding Hub page?

Yes. You can add new content or make change to existing content in the ways that suit your needs. For more information, visit our Contribute page. If you make changes or additions please provide the appropriate citation and attribution to DataONE.

How should I cite this content?

Within each topic, a citation to the lesson is provided. Click on the file to view it.

How do I give a slide presentation?

Those materials containing slides are provided as HTML documents that you can view and present in your browser, with or without the annotated notes. Every slide deck can be opened or “cloned” (in GitHub language) by pressing “c”. This will open the slides in a separate pop-up window. Your browser may prompt you to allow or reject this pop-up window. Presentation mode can be activated by pressing “p” while the slide window is open. This mode should open the “presentation view” on your screen, and the viewer mode on the screen for your audience. You can also press “f” for fullscreen.

You can change slides by pressing the left and right arrows, or by swiping left or right on a touch-enabled device.

Information for content editors

See the contribution guidelines.

Who maintains the Data Management Skillbuilding Hub content?

The Data Management Skillbuilding Hub are maintained by the Community Engagement and Outreach Working Group at DataONE. If you have a question or concern, please open an Issue in this repository on GitHub.

The development of content through DataONE was a collaborative effort across many individuals (Best Practice credits).

Hosted by DataONE

In collaboration with the community, DataONE has developed high quality resources for helping educators and librarians with training in data management, including teaching materials, webinars and a database of best-practices to improve methods for data sharing and management.

Question If you have a question or concern, please open an Issue in this repository on GitHub.