This design specification for the DataONE infrastructure has been developed through support of the National Science Foundation through the projects:

  • NSF DBI 0753138, “INTEROP: Creation of an International Virtual Data Center for the Biodiversity, Ecological and Environmental Sciences”

  • NSF OCI 0830944, “DataNet Full Proposal: DataNetONE (Observation Network For Earth)”

Many individuals have contributed to the development of these documents over a number of years. Hence specific authorship information for particular documents is difficult to determine. History for any portion of these documents can be obtained by following the Revision History link in the footer of each page or examining the subversion metadata using the log command for general and the blame command for more specific change details. If a copy of the document source has been checked out locally:

svn log <<file name>>
svn blame <<file name>>

or remotely:

svn log<<file name>>
svn blame<<file name>>

History for this file for example can be obtained by:

svn blame source/about.txt

or remotely:

svn blame