Use Case 11 - CRUD Workflow ObjectsΒΆ


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Create / update / delete / search workflow objects.


This use case describes the management of a workflow object within the DataONE infrastructure.

Note: It is not clear why this should be treated any differently from the management of regular objects. A workflow could be treated like any other object within DataONE as far as object management, replication, preservation and discovery are concerned. Some additional features to support workflow staging and execution may emerge as separate use cases.

  • User

  • Client application

  • Member Node

  • Coordinating Node

  • DataONE system is operational

  • User has authenticated with the DataONE system

  • User adds, deletes, or modifies a workflow object

Post Conditions
  • Workflow object is stored on a Member Node

  • Metadata about workflow object is stored on Coordinating Nodes

  • Replication of workflow object across multiple Member Nodes is initiated