Use Case 27 - Metadata Version MigrationΒΆ


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CN should support forward migration of metadata documents from one version to another within a standard and to other standards.


The standards to which science metadata are developed evolve over time, and it should be possible to perform lossless update of science metadata to ensure that content is kept up-to-date with current use standards.

Since Coordinating Nodes hold original copies of all science metadata, it should be reasonably straight forward for a privileged service on a CN to create new versions of science metadata given appropriate tools for performing the transforms. The original copies of the metadata should be preserved and the associated system metadata references updated to indicate the newer version of the science metadata.

Note that while technically feasible, such a service may not be desirable as it implies a level of control exerted by the Coordinating Nodes that may be in conflict with data sharing and participation agreements.

  • Coordinating Nodes

  • Science metadata

  • Data managers

  • Science metadata translation tools

  • A new version of a science metadata standard exists

  • Content exists in the deprecated version

  • A translation tool exists for performing the migrations

  • Agreements for the update have been secured

  • A new metadata standard revision is released

Post Conditions
  • Copies of metadata in the new version are created

  • References between the new and deprecated copies are created

  • Watchers of the objects are notified of the changes


  • Should this apply to data as well?