Use Case 38 - Reserve an IdentifierΒΆ


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Reserve an identifier to ensure it is available at some reasonable time in the future.


As new content is added to the DataONE system, it is desirable to reserve an identifier in advance of creating the content as it is necessary for the client to generate relationships between content that may not exist in the DataONE system (e.g. a new data set with associated science metadata).


ITK, Coordinating Node

  • CN and MN operational

  • A client needs to reserve an identifier so that associations can be created in the system metadata

Post Conditions
  • An identifier is reserved and guaranteed to be unique for some finite period of time.


Figure 1. Use case 38. Note that id a Member Node needs to reserve an identifier then it would use the functioanlity of the Investigator Toolkit Library - that is, the reserveIdentifier operation is not required for Member Node functionality.


Figure 2. Sequence diagram for use case 38. The Coordinating Node needs to keep track of identifiers that have been reserved, and this information needs to be replicated between Coordinating Nodes. The reserved identifier should not be discoverable and should not be involved with any Member Node synchronization or Member Node replication.