Use Case 40 - Member Node Requests SynchronizationΒΆ


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A Member Node requests synchronization by a Coordinating Node.


Member Node synchronization is typically driven by the Coordinating Node which polls Member Nodes on a regular basis and performing synchronization as necessary. Some situations may benefit from the Member Node requesting synchronization. For example:

  • A large amount, or perhaps high priority data was added to a MN and the owners or curators prefer to have the content synchronized as soon as possible rather than during the next scheduled time.

  • A MN may be going offline (e.g. unscheduled maintenance) and the administrator wants to ensure the synchronized content is up to date beforehand.

Note there is some implication that MN replication will also be driven by this request (a process downstream from synchronization)

  • Member Node

  • Coordinating Node

  • Member Node administrator

  • Data curator

  • Data owner

  • Member, Coordinating Nodes operational

  • Member node registered

  • New content exists on a Member Node

  • Administrator requests synchronization

  • Curator or owner requests synchronization

  • Member Node logic determines that synchronization is necessary

Post Conditions
  • Member Node synchronization is scheduled