This document describes how to use the DataONE web-based provenance editor to provide the linkages between input data files, scripts, and output data files that were used in an analysis. Frequently, researchers produce derived data as well as graphics, images, and maps as the result of multiple computational processing steps. Provenance is the information that documents these relationships to explicitly show how a derived product was created by running one or more computational processes on a set of input data.

Work-in-progress: Editing provenance from the browser

DataONE is developing a web-based provenance editor that enables researchers to easily associate these provenance relationships with the data that they upload to a DataONE data repsository. Within the data landing page for a data set, the data tables and other data items are listed, along with buttons for establishing which input data were used, what output products were created, and which scripts were used to handle the processing.

We’ll be editing an example metadata document to illustrate the process: