Use Case 16 - Log CRUD OperationsΒΆ


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All create, read, update, and delete operations on metadata and data are logged at nodes (both Member and Coordinating) so that summary statistics may be derived for object access with grouping by node, object (identifier), and object owner.


Logging is important for monitoring performance and stability of the system as well as for ensuring appropriate attribution is given to contributors of content. This use case describes the action of logging a user request for content.

This use case supports the reporting of log information as required by Use Case 17.

The information recorded by log operations should be sufficient to enable grouping by node (node pid), object (pid), and by the object owner (principal pid) over time ranges. The type of access (create, read, update, or delete) should be recorded. The pid of the principal making the request should also be recorded.


  • User

  • Node (Member or Coordinating)


  • User has authenticated, and is authorized for requested operation


  • Any of the object access and modification operations are called.

Post Conditions

  • The operation is recorded in the log for the node.


Figure 1. Interactions for use case 16.