Use Case 17 - CRUD Logs Aggregated at CNsΒΆ


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All CRUD logs are aggregated at coordinating nodes.


Aggregation of CRUD operation logs is used to compute use statistics and other summary types of information. The original log information should be viewable by administrators for some period of time.

The particular information required to be logged still needs to be specified so that MNs know what specific information needs to be collected as part of Use Case 16.

  • Member Node(s)

  • Coordinating Node

  • CNs are operational

  • Timed event, logs are aggregated every 24 hours.

Post Conditions
  • Aggregate logs are stored on Coordinating Node

  • Logs are synchronized between CNs

  • Log processing is triggered on CNs


Figure 1. Interactions for use case 17, part 1.


Figure 2. Interactions for use case 17, part 2.