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Best Practice: How to write a Best Practice file


Best Practices by Data Life Cycle

How to write a Best Practice file

Data Life Cycle stage(s): Life cycle stage here


Each file is named as the first three words of the title, separated by dashes. This page’s title is “How to write a best practice”, therefore the filename is

The header (aka: front matter) for best practices has the following fields:

title: the title of the webpage, as it will appear in the lists

layout: is always bestpractice (NB this will likely be done automatically using the collections features from jekyll)

tags: a list of (short) keywords describing the content of the best practice text

step: a list of one or more steps of the data lifecycle to which this best practice applies

related: a list of related best practices identifiers – an identifier is the first three words of the title, separated by dashes (optional)

update: the date this best practice was created

author: a list of authors that created the best practice

organization: name of organization that oversaw the creation of the best practice

org_url: website of the organization, organization logo will open this webpage when selected

org_logo: name of the organization’s logo file, this must me a png

categories: this must be listed as [“Best Practice”], used for sorting and accessing education materials

in ‘Raw’ view, these are the headers you should have


  • thing 1
  • thing 2
    • another thing
    • one last thing

Description Rationale


Additional Information

a few things




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