DataONE Architecture

The Data Observation Network for Earth (DataONE) implements and deploys core services and infrastructure to support long term access and re-use of data collected through NSF funded and other research projects.

These documents describe the architecture and APIs for deployed DataONE cyberinfrastructure.

API Reference

Components of the DataONE infrastructure interact through the DataONE APIs. Participating data repositories expose the Member Node APIs and Coordinating Nodes expose the Coordinating Node APIs.

API service endpoints use a restful pattern. All API interactions occur over HTTPS with XML encoded messages. The XML messages are defined by the DataONE Types XML Schema. Exceptions Raised by MN and CN APIs are cast to applicable HTTP error codes, with the response body containing an XML representation of the error. The RESTful implementation is more fully described in the REST Interface Overview.

Notes and Miscellanea

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